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Please Note: Free inventors help is not a company, we do no sell advice, products or books. This website is maintained by experienced volunteers who wish to help inventors avoid scams and pitfalls.
Click through our pages to find information on marketing, patents, inventor's groups and approved manufactures.

Free inventors help is a non-commercial site that has scam-free information for inventors to help them succeed with the invention process.

This site is made possible by volunteers who have experience in these areas.

This site will NEVER ask for information about you, your invention,idea or require you to sign-up or register.

If you have an idea for an invention in mind, please take the time to look over our website. The pages on this site have been prepared by people who have experience with the invention process. They are volunteering their time to share their successes and failures with others who have a great idea but don't know where or how to begin.

Providing Information to Help Inventors!

Each year thousands of marketable inventions are wasted simply because the inventor did not follow through with his or her great idea. This web site has been developed to assist inventors who have an invention but do not know where to begin.

On this web site you will find information on applying for a patent,patent searches, finding legal advice, industrial designing, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, scams and pitfalls to avoid, inventor organizations and links where you can get answers from experts in their field and success stories from other inventors.

Have a question about the inventing to market process?
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books for Inventors

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Books on the inventing process, covering, patents,
prototypes, industrial design and marketing.

Where do I begin? (the basics)
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Avoiding Invention Scams How to Avoid Scams
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books for Inventors

Visit our NEW inventor's Book Store.
Books on the inventing process, covering, patents,
prototypes, industrial design and marketing.



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