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"Since new developments are the products of a creative mind, we must therefore stimulate and encourage that type of mind in every way possible."

George Washington Carver


Interesting invention sites for kids
and Homework Help

Button Science Spot Kids Zone
Many interesting pages and games for kids to explore.

Button NASA Space Place
NASA's Inventions From Space.
Button The History of Inventions
Inventions that have changed the way we live.

Button Young Inventors International
Providing a comprehensive network for education and skill training.
Button Kids Konnect
Inventors and Inventions.

Button Teaching Kids Business Dot Com
Introduction To Entrepreneurship
Button United States Patent and Trademark
USPTO Kids Pages.

Button The Worlds Almanac for Kids
Technology and Inventions.
Button Kid Info
Inventors and Inventions.

Button The Lemelson Center
A lot of information for kids and adults from the Smithsonian Institution.
Button  Invent Now
Information for young inventors.

Button The 14 Coolest Things Invented by Kids
Information for young inventors
Button Amazing Kids!
Celebrating the Achievements
of Children.

Button Jefferson County Public Library
Inventions & Technology for Kids.
Button The Great Idea Finder
Young inventors that became well-known.

Button The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation
The Henry Ford - The place where you discover your potential through America’s History
Button About Dot Com
About's Young Inventors Page.

Famous Inventors

Button Benjamin Franklin
Button Thomas Edison
Button Alexander Graham Belll
Button Cyrus McCormick
Button Samuel Morse
Button Eli Whitney
Button Leonardo da Vinci

Button George Washington Carver
Button Orville Wright

Button Wilbur Wright


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