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Our Home Page with inventor Information
and links to all pages on this site.

What is a Industrial Designer
This page explains the functions
of an Industrial Designer.

Where Do I Begin
The first steps in the invention to
market process.

How Do I Market My Invention
Methods of marketing your invention.

What is a Patent
This page explains what a patent is
and has links to get more information

Inventor Friendly Resources
A list of inventor friendly manufactures,
designers, attorneys and prototypers.

How Do I Search Patents
Explains the steps taken to search
Patents, with links to the USPTO.
  How Do I Apply For a Patent
Here you will find information
on how to apply for a patent.
More About Patents
More information on
invention patents
  How Do I Find An Attorney
Information on how to find a patent
attorney or patent agent.
Books For Inventors
Books on the inventing process, covering, patents,
prototypes, industrial design and marketing
  Inventor Organizations and Clubs
A list of international inventor clubs
organizations and groups.
Just for Kids
Invention Links for Kids
and Young Inventors.
Help with school homework.
  How to Avoid Invention Scams
There are a lot of people out there ready to
take your money and your invention.
Learn how to avoid them
Licensing Your Invention
Details on how to license your invention
  Inventor Stories
Stories of inventor's successes and failures
and what pitfalls to avoid
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  Inventor Links
Information, help and
resources for the inventor
Invention Investors and Angels
Do you have a project that needs
funding? Check out our list of investors.
  What is a Prototype
Explains the purpose of a prototype
and how to get or make a prototype.
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Industrial Prototypes and Prototypers
Choosing an Industrial Designer for inventions
How to Sell Promote and Market Your Idea or Invention
Invention links for kids and young inventors.
Inventors Help | Licensing Your Invention
Scam Free | Resources for Inventors
Inventor Stories, Help and Advice
Inventor Clubs, Organizations and Association by State
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