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The Both Sides™ Electric Fence Wire Insulator was invented by Susan and Tommy McKinnon,
owners of the T and S Goat Farm in Albany, GA.

Here is their story.

Years ago when we started raising goats, we had to re-fence the whole place.

We then had to use electric fence wire insulators on the t-posts to keep the animals' heads out of the fence and to keep them from rubbing down the fence and stretching it out.

We bought lots of single sided electric fence insulators for each side of the t-posts. We always ended up with more of the plastic fence wire insulators than we needed.

Tommy thought that there must be a better plastic wire fence insulator that would fit both sides of the fence.  He checked around and there were none.  So, he came up with his own design.  This one, electric fence insulator fits on both sides of the T-post.  One end of the insulator fits the flat side and the other end of the insulator fits the reverse side.  You only need one insulator for either side of the fence t post.

No wasted expense or time buying lots of extra plastic insulators you may never use.

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