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Electric Fence Wire Insulator Instructions

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Electric Fence Wire Insulator
Illustration #1

The Both Sides© electric fence insulators are very easy to use, simple and quick to install. The insulator will work on either side of a fence t-post.

First, using the illustration above determine which end of the insulator to use for the side of the t-post you are working on.

Using the "wire tabs" at the end of the insulator, bend it slightly to open it.

Starting at an angle, insert the side of the t-post into the molded slot on the outside edge of the insulator and then rotate it into position until it snaps into place.

Inserting electric fence wire
Illustration #2

Next Insert your wire as per illustration #2.

Thats it, you have installed the Both Sides Electric Fence Insulator.

Electric Fence Safety Tips.

1. Never use barbed wire as an electric fence. Animals or people could become in-tangled on the wire resulting in a continuous electric shock.

2. Use only approved fence controllers and follow the manufacture's installation instructions.

3. Never alter the controllers electrical plug, or use with a non polarized receptacle.

4. Never work with or around fencing during nearby thunder storms.

5. Never connect the fence grounding system to plumbing.

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