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Tommy and I live on 17 acres in Putney, Ga. We are now both retired,
but we stay very busy with various projects around the farm and with the goats.

We started out with just 2 goats 8 years ago to eat poision ivy on the barn and pecan trees. Two goats could not even began to eat enough to make a difference so we kept buying more goats.

We bought a few part boers and found they was too labor intense. Someone that came to buy does told us about Wayne and Suzanne Fowler and their goats. They didn't know much about the goats except they were very hardy. Tommy and I called, then went over to see them.

The first buck Suzanne and my husband picked out was Goldmine IV Blockbuster "Buster". Buster was 5 mos old at the time. Later, we also bought 6 doelings, two Goldmine III daughters, two Tasman Aristocrat daughters, and two "Shag" Goldmine IV daughters.
They all turned out to be 100% New Zealand's Later, we bought Southwest Goliath's Zolo from Graham Culliford. We also had a son of "Nick" Sunboy Stanton 149 that we got from BBM Kiko's.

We raise 100% NZ progeny Kiko goats. We believe the Kiko is a superior meat goat. Just add a Kiko buck to a commercial herd and you will see a big difference in the offspring. We are very impressed with the Kiko. They have increased fertility, increased libido, high meat to bone ratio, good hooves, good motherability, and are hardy with parasite tolerance. They still need some worming, hoof trimming, and general looking after, just a lot less of it.

We thank you for visiting our web site. If we can help you in any way, we would like to hear from you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Please feel free to call or come see us.
(229) 436-3831
(229) 349-1440 Cell
Tommy & Susan McKinnon
1308 Broach Ave. Albany, GA. 31705

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We are located 10 miles south of Albany, Ga.
right off US 19 (4 lane hwy) in the small community of Putney


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